Thursday, December 24, 2009

Stuck On Repeat 2009: May

Keith Sweat wrote the official anthem for the 25th anniversary of the Chicken McNugget. Amy Winehouse's people told St Lucia her gig was cut short due to technical difficulties, which might have been more plausible if she'd not told the audience she was bored.

New Zealand decided that it might be wise to start copyright law again from scratch while the US accused Canada of not caring about copyright. Tesco wouldn't let the Manics have their album on display; WalMart wanted Green Day to edit their record but Green Day said no.

There were fears Oasis might have influence on the European elections, although given they couldn't influence a four-piece of Beatles worshiping bowl-heads these days, it sounded unlikely. Almost as unlikely as coming fifth in Eurovision is like a fabulous victory.

Big loss: Plan B closed down. The BBC stepped in to stop people discussing how awful George Lamb was shortly after Private Eye pointed out that the people countering the view seemed a little close to Lamb.

Did you know The Bangles were still going? NASA sent a copy of Ocean Rain into space, making Ian McCulloch the first Scouse musician in orbit since Lee Mavers. Radio 4 gave space to Bono's Elvis poem, which was just cruel of them. NBC Nightly News host Brian Williams started an indie blog - he likes Deer Tick.

Michael Jackson decided to put off a visit to look at houses in London. He was afraid of swine flu - and you can't put a price on good health, can you? Still, promoter AEG Live's president Randy Phillips could reassure us on that: "I would trade my body for [Jackson's] tomorrow. He's in fantastic shape."

[Part of the month-by-month review from Stuck On Repeat 2009]

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