Sunday, April 23, 2006


The ten posts which generated the most views on their own this week have been:

1. "I am not a lesbian" wails KT Tunstall
2. Whitney Houston gets an offer of redemption from Bollywood
3. Martin Gilks of the Wonderstuff, RIP
4. Nick Carter denies sexual assault claims
5. Charlotte Church might have a stalker
6. Pete Doherty swerves prison... for now
7. Robbie Williams is replaced with a giant hologram
8. James Brown forced to dance with Robbie
9. Memphis Industries release a free download album
10. Pete Doherty arrested all over again

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Hints were dropped as to the suitability of these items for a quick purchase:

Charlatans back to form for album nine

Who cares about the provenance, it's a great girl group album

"I made a promise to a lady..." - The Gift DVD extras reworked as a photostory

Lucksmiths: wit, warmth and wordplay

Dick Gaughan tries for an online poker tie-in artwork effect

The Church's first studio outing since 2004

Catlow's debut is "highly acclaimed by tastemakers across North America" says her label, but don't let that put you off

Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh's solo debut mixing Irish, American folk and a guest spot from Shane McGowan

25 tracks - whatever you think about the punk ethic, it's VFM

No, it's Bill Hicks, not Yoko Ono