Sunday, March 04, 2007

This week just gone

The last seven days on No Rock and Roll Fun:

The ten most-read individual stories on the site:
1. Heather Mills' nude calendar - which never existed
2. McFly naked - they're doing that again in this month's Attitude, you know
3. Lily Allen swaps her clothes under the sea
4. R Kelly sex video to be played in open court
5. KT Tunstall - does she like girls?
6. Mariah Carey does Playboy...
7. ... which is more stylish than Heather Mills
8. American Idol camp. It's not a joke
9. Jo O'Meara brazens out her behaviour
10. Charlotte Church's ex-lover sells story to News of the World

The two most-commented stories this week were about Everett True and - following us being condemned on some sort of Ocean Colour Scene message board - the new OCS album. Boy, those OCS fans can be sniff so mean.

The big news this week was the NME awards, which saw Victor Spinetti ("Mick Jones") presenting Bobby Gillespie with a godlike genius award after Kate Moss disappeared.

Also this week: Beth Ditto loved herself and loved herself some more; and amongst the hats being thrown into the Eurovision ring were Justin Hawkins, Brian Harvey and Scooch.

Five years ago this week, Liverpool's much-loved Voodoo club closed; Music Week flogged off DotMusic to BT - who would eventually sell it on to Yahoo; and Oasis released The Hindu Times: "George Harrison playing 'Does Your Mother Know?' by Abba on a sitar. Possibly in his death throes."

You can read the last week on one page or
skim the previous week in a single post.

And we tried to push these onto you (not the 30 Seconds To Mars one, that was more for the joke):

Dean and Britta's second post-Luna album: now it's almost all sex, all the way

The first of what we hope will be a long line of MSTRKRFT albums - "lyrics use dancing to signify fucking and fucking to signify dancing" reports Pitchfork

Dalek: like the other Daleks, Abandoned With Language will take you to dark, scary places and chase you through mental caverns. It won't, however, kill you.

Disappointingly, the Bluetones BBC sessions only have bits, not whole sessions

Amazon are pushing the new Patrick Wolf with a video interview

30 Seconds To Mars - a little old for this sort of thing now, surely?

Is it really thirty years since my brother bought his double vinyl Out of The Blue in that small record shop in Oakham?

Just be aware: Owning Nico albums wouldn't really get you laid in the 1970s; it really won't in 2007

Former Sunday Correspondent correspondent Sean O'Hagan returns to the studio with the High Llamas

The second batch of Torchwood episodes includes that one set in a barely-disguised Little Chef

Come on - That'll Be The Day and Stardust in one pack? What more do you want?

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