Sunday, August 26, 2007

This week just gone

Seven days on No Rock and Roll Fun:

The ten most-read individual stories are:

1. The court wants to watch R Kelly's sex video
2. We almost wish we'd never put Lily Allen and naked in the same story
3. Dannii Minogue's supposed slightly-lesbian secrets video
4. Beth Ditto removes her clothes for that evil old NME
5. Is KT Tuntsall a lesbian?
6. Johnny Headlock remembers: Oh, yes I had sex with Amy Winehouse
7. Akon presents kids with free vibrators
8. Priscillas hijack a Klaxons b-side
9. Edith Bowman's topless paparazzi nightmare
10. Darren Hayes in alleged "racist assault" mystery

Also this week:
Amy Winehouse got more messed up; Ticketmaster and LiveNation fell out with each other while Antigua requested the right to ignore US copyright; Britney Spears considered fleeing to London; Beth Ditto revealed she didn't think all gay men were starving women to death, only some of them and, in our brave new world, USB memory sticks made the grade for the charts.

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Five years ago:
Eminem fought with a puppet at the MTV awards; the pointless DataPlay format launched, after burning through some extra fifty million dollars; Radio 1 inadvertently called for queerbashing; Graham Coxon went missing from Blur while the NME suggested that Pulp were about to split; and the Leeds Festival ended in riots - possibly due to heavy-handed policing

Challengers, the new New Pornographers "more mature" sound

The incomparable Mekons offer their first in three years

MIA turns in another solid 8/10 performance which will get reviewed as a 10/10

... while Sevara Nazarkhan offers a different globally-mashed take

Caribou's Andorra marks Dan Snaith's move to City Slang

Jenny Lewis returns to the day job with Rilo Kiley for the difficult 'now we've got a profile' album

The experimentation was wrong, so they've reined it in: Liars get back to basics

Minus The Bear's Planet Of Ice "Nurturing a bold stylistic shift towards progressive and psychedelic rock Planet of Ice is loaded with hooks" says the press release, unpromisingly

Dirty Space Disco: Sylvester, Conrad Schnitzler, Clara Mondshine...

Clogging On Again: New Model Army manage a tenth album in 23 years - and they say there's No Rest

From back in the days when 'being gay' was a career in itself: An evening with Quentin Crisp

Chris Martin gets a chance to sing on the new Kinski. No, not that Chris Martin