Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Stuck On Repeat 2009: April

No Rock reached post number 25,000 and then we celebrated Easter with a battle between the download services.

Trent Reznor posted a handy guide to spotting the genuine Trent on Twitter. Or fake Trent led us all astray. Still not sure. Tommy Scott from Space didn't die; nor did the dancer Lady GaGa collided with. Mark E Smith broke his hip, but at least had more fun than anyone unfortunate enough to catch the Osbourne's variety show or Victoria Beckham on Spongebob.

For some reason, Ofcom fined the licence fee payer for the Russell Brand Andrew Sachs phone calls. Malawi put its foot down: no more children for Madonna. No, no, no. Britney held up a gig waiting for people to put their fags out. Someone made the mistake of asking Billy Bob Thornton about his acting when he was promoting his music, but listening to his outraged squawks was still preferable to listening to his band.

Iggy Pop was told to stop pretending that he used Swift car insurance. Expanding his product range, Kanye West launched his cologne and energy drinks. Possibly the same product in two separate bottles. Gordon Smart confidently predicted Chris Moyles would be axed in September. He wasn't. Courtney Love... no, still not quite sure what she did. Do You Realize nearly became Oklahoma's state song, until people remembered what Wayne Coyne had said before.

Stereolab went into hiatus and The Wannadies split. Somehow, a Blue reunion wasn't a compensation.

Although MySpace had yet to launch its UK Music service, it pretended it was still quickly on the way. QTrax had another one of its periodic launches and the French upper house voted down three strikes, possibly in response to a fawning letter from U2 manager Paul McGuinness. McGuinness would would have been cheered, though, by the jail terms handed to the Pirate Bay owners. Also heading to jail: Phil Spector, convicted to murder.

Pete Waterman discovered that micropayments are small. The European Parliament might have cheered him up, though, by extending copyright in records to 70 years. Also wondering about the size of their paycheques was Pink Floyd, who launched legal action claiming EMI had shortchanged them all these years.

Stay at a scary mansion in London? Over my dead body, said Michael Jackson.

[Part of the month-by-month review from Stuck On Repeat 2009]

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