Sunday, February 06, 2005

NEVERLAND TRIAL: So we can do our bit to help make sure that the full glare of publicity gets thrown over the Jackson trial - after all, there's a thousand reporters covering it and it would be a shame for their work to go unrecognised, here's a handy index of No Rock posts to date about the trial (we'll be updating this page as the case continues):

15.06.04 - Jackson's bail remains set at a level reflecting his billionaire claims
18.06.04 - Jackson upset about leaking of the details of his buy-off
24.06.04 - Jackson fans launch online defence of the man
2.07.04 - Judge seals Jackson court papers because people are interested in them
10.07.04 - Jackson slapped down for getting too gabby in public
21.07.04 - Jackson denies he's got a surrogate mother cooking up some quads for him
27.07.04 - Defense claim prosecution "an attempt to take down a celebrity"
2.08.04 - Small boy injured driving a tractor at Neverland
3.08.04 - VH1 make a Jacko biog covering the tale right up to the car-dance
7.08.04 - Defense claim prosecution witheld paperwork
15.08.04 - Judge orders investigation into 'manhadling' charges remain sealed
16.08.04 - Jackson goes to church "to see the children"
17.08.04 - The Jackson clan turn up for the pretrial
18.08.04 - Attempt to have all Neverland evidence ruled inadmissable rejected
19.08.04 - Jackson asks to make a statement about his mistreatment
21.08.04 - Police went too far, claims defense
24.08.04 - Jackson death-threat man in court
3.9.04 - Just how many kids have been paid off so far?
3.09.04 - Stop Filthy Press formed to fight for Jackson's honour
4.09.04 - Jackson explains payments to past accusers as part of trying to make the world a better place, or something
17.09.04 - Pretrial told maid acted 'oddly'
18.09.04 - Jacksons defense attempts to explain previous pay-offs without making it look like he's guilty
22.09.04 - Jackson defense denies nudey kiddy pix found at ranch
29.09.04 - The Oslo child: what the hell was that all about?
5.10.04 - Jackson defense call for DA removal for "secret" reasons
11.10.04 - Jackson sources threaten Eminem with legal action over parody
14.10.04 - Jackson sued by "herbalist"
14.10.04 - Judge Melville rejects calls by defense for case to be thrown out
2.11.04 - Attorney General rubbishes defence attempts to have DA removed
3.11.04 - Macauly Culkin, Aaron Carter and others lined up for trial appearances
6.11.04 - What happened to Mark Steel's Jackson punchline?
8.11.04 - Did Nick Carter leave Aaron at Neverland?
11.11.04 - Prosecution wants to see shopping trip details
12.11.04 - Fox makes room for Jackson
17.11.04 - Jackson didn't pay for rebuttal video, says producer
19.11.04 - Jackson didn't pay for dancing girl, says store
25.11.04 - Jackson team wants accusers' family's heads checked
30.11.04 - Jackson defence team asks for details of accuser's sister gynacological records
2.12.04 - Attempt to cover Jackson in blood fails
18.12.04 - Jackson puts child-fiddling trial behind him by inviting 200 kids for tea
19.12.04 - Jackson denies taking the piss out of fans
6.01.05 - Debbie Rowe flogs ring on eBay
12.01.05 - Making a drama out of the trial
13.01.05 - "Can we call Bashir?" asks prosecution
20.01.05 - "Don't call me" begs Bashir
20.01.05 - "Don't call the victim a victim" begs Jacko
27.01.05 - Bashir documentary to be shown to jury
30.01.05 - Jackson makes video plea to be given fair trial
31.01.05 - Watching the supporters
1.02.05 - Jackson turns up in black
2.02.05 - The missing five witnesses
4.02.05 - Freakshow - Jackson on the next Geraldo
6.02.05 - Illness forces delay
7.02.05 - A mother's plea: Jacko innocent, claims Mrs. Jackson
10.02.05 - One in ten jurors claims to have heard nothing about the case
11.02.05 - Corey Feldman called to talk about magazines
15.02.05 - A defense of a thousand stars
15.02.05 - Michael throws a sickie
16.02.05 - Getting better
19.02.05 - Prosecutors: "Show us the money"
20.02.05 - Bashir avoids contempt charge
21/02.05 - Can a parent judge Jacko fairly (Clue: Yes)
23.02.05 - Fit and objecting again
24.02.05 - Cutting to the chase: Jury selection rushed to conclusion
26.02.05 - Daily Star suggest Ronald McDonald for Jacko jury
26.02.05 - Jackson sued by family of deceased woman moved to make space for him in hospital
26.02.05 - Caroline #240 complains about the jury; while defense targets mom
28.02.05 - Prosecution outlines case: '45 minutes of porn and hands down kid's pants'
1.03.05 - Newspaper coverage of day one
1.03.05 - Defense sketch their side - 'the kids threw stuff at elephants'
2.03.05 - Bashir's shield of silence; Kite talks about flying in a storm
3.03.05 - Kite suggests record company plant tried to destabilise Jacko
3.03.05 - More videos; and the sister takes the stand
4.03.05 - What the... is that a scout?: The papers look inside Neverland
7.03.05 - Week two starts with brother and sister offering contradictory testimony
9.03.05 - Star admits lying, can't pick one jazz mag from another
10.03.05 - Ow! My back hurts
11.03.05 - Bananas In Pyjamas - press coverage of the "bad back"
11.03.05 - Accuser gives full sticky details
11.03.05 - Leno given monologue OK; judge nixes trip to Neverland
12.03.05 - Jacko allowed to cash-in on his own trial
29.03.05 - I'm just like Mandela, claims Jacko
30.03.05 - Call in Culkin? US Press response
2.04.05 - "Mistrial" cry defense; no spunk on the sheets
5.04.05 - Another alleged victim pops up in court
25.05.05 - You're not exactly helping, Leno
4.6.05 - War protests rock Jacko trial
5.06.05 - Eavesdrop on the final verdict
11.06.05 - Prosecution enjoy a slap-up feed
13.06.05 - This just in: absolutely innocent

14.06.05 - First press reactions
14.06.05 - It's all Bashir's fault
14.06.05 - Jury answer the 'what were you thinking of' question
15.06.05 - Newspapers: Not especially convinced
15.06.05 - Sneddon says "I'm no loser"; Live 8 holds open door
17.06.05 - Judge Melville says 'have a rummage through the papers'
17.06.05 - Live 8 closes door firmly
17.06.05 - Jackson family victory party; in a casino, well after children's bedtimes
20.06.05 - Juror enjoys Jackson's victory party
22.06.05 - Mother feels Jackson has cleared his name

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